Commercial Acquisition & Leasing


Office Space Acquisition

Shreya Innova offers our services right from decision to execution of the deal which includes market survey as per the requirement and budget, Due Diligence, documentation, Negotiation, Agreement drafting, Payment schedules and necessary govt. approvals and related documentation required for the deal.

Corporate Leasing

Shreya Innova in its reality services segment, primarily focusing on corporate leasing services. AS we understand that every corporate is into the search of proper leased place for their office which is convenient to the entire staff.
We have suitable places at Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik for top Indian and multinational foreign companies in the areas of various industries such as IT industry, Medical, Consultancy services, Banks, Finance institutions, Media etc.

Tenant Representation

Tenant representation includes Mandate MOU agreement with client for searching suitable place in at affordable pricing in stipulated time period.

Stages involved in Corporate Leasing

  • Understanding Client requirement in detail.
  • Selecting and submitting best suitable properties.
  • To review and take a tour of selected properties.
  • Make a proposal to lease.
  • Enabling client to make best possible real estate decision.
  • Negotiating with the property owner to the best possible rate level in favour of Client.
  • Documentation of drafting lease deed.
  • Space planning and Architectural drawing and designing.

Retail Leasing

Every brand in the Retail segment would like to have a high brand visibility in terms of the area, vicinity, the Location and the commercials related to that location. Shreya Innova gives consultancy right from advising on the location, market survey, finalizing of the Retail outlet suitable for the brand, transaction advisory for sale or lease till the completion of the deal.

Built to Suit Property

Shreya Innova Team identify and do the due diligence of the land parcel or they would be constructed area suitable for the Corporate companies so as to have their own private property. We hand hold the client during this process till possession of the said premises. The structure and the amenities decide as per the client requirement before starting of the project

corporate client, joint development to give that entire building for lease, or for personal usage of long lease

LandLord Representation

Shreya Innova Team understands that for concluding any transaction ther has to be a win - win situation with all stake holders of the client and Land lord.
We understand the Landlord requirement, thought process, financial terms and conditions and according to that we find a suitable growth partner to achieve successful deal.
We do Land Lord representation for Built to Suit property for major corporate in every sector, Residential redevelopment, Commercial building for IT / ITES, hospitality segment.

Ware Housing Solution / Indusrtial & Logistics


One stop Warehousing solution to back your market requirement is a process which consists of multiple components. The same are taken care before providing the solution which are as follows.

  • Property Identification for the Warehouse / Plot - Leasing / Purchase
  • Type of Warehouse to be Constructed viz. Pre - Engineered / Conventional
  • Warehouse Service Provider
  • Storage System
  • Material Handling System
  • Warehouse Management Software - Customized
  • Accessories

Warehouse Space - Leasing / Purchase

An Important Vertical in our Business Model. In current times demand for commercial space is immense. With the advent of MNCs & the rising of our Domestic Indian Companies, space has always played an important role as far as Growth is concerned. Below are some of the process details. Currently we have various properties for Leasing based in Mumbai , surrounding areas of Mumbai & Pune locations.

  • Understanding the Requirement of the Client in detail.
  • Selecting & Submitting the best & suitable properties for evaluation.
  • Review & Take a Tour of the Selected Properties
  • Make a Proposal to Lease / Purchase.
  • Enabling the Client to take the best possible decision.
  • Negotiating with the property owner for the best possible rates.
  • Documentation & Drafting of Deeds.
  • Space Planning, Architectural Drawing & Designing.

Warehouse Construction

  • Conventional Type - Regular RCC Construction with internal Height 6 - 9 Mtrs.
  • Fabricated Type - fabricated from Structural Steel / reinforced steel ( pre - fabricated / onsite fabricated
  • Combination of Conventional and Fabricated Type - all the verticals of the shade is RCC constructed where as the Roof is fabricated from steel structure.

Warehouse Storage System

  • Heavy Duty Pallet Racking System
  • Heavy Duty Non - palletize Racking
  • Heavy Duty Non - palletize Racking
  • 2 Tier Racking System [ HD / Slotted Angle ]
  • Compactor
  • Cantilever Racking System

Material Handling Equipment

  • Fork Lift
  • attery Operated Stacker
  • Hand Pallet Truck
  • PVC Crates
  • Steel Reinforced PVC Pallets
  • Stackable Crates
  • Metal Bin Tray
  • Metal Pallet
  • Metal Pallet

Investor Portfolio


Shreya Innova offers advisory services which includes Real Estate portfolio Management and financial counseling along with transaction services.

Along with our expert advisors we assist you for the better investment options in under construction, ready possession and preleased properties. Preleased Properties is one of the most preferred option which every Investor want to have a look at it.

Pre - Leased Properties

  • Shreya Innova offers advisory services in Pre Leased properties for the Investors who are looking for assured income.
  • Preleased Property investment assures ZERO waiting period for the ( ROI ) Return on Investment.
  • Fixed Rental Income with Capital Appreciation.
  • Information related to the property is already available.
  • Due Diligence regarding the Title is already done being it’s a preleased property.
  • Financial Institutions gives loan faster due to preleased property.
  • Various categories of preleased properties are available such as Retail showrooms, Bank, Bank ATM, Offices, Retail food chain Outlets, industrial, warehousing, IT and ITES offices, Luxury Residential.

Residential Property & Project Management Consultancy


Shreya Innova with its core team of experts help builders in Project Sales consultancy developers brand positioning, Suggesting the projects according to the Developers taste and area of operations.

We provide consultancy to the developers, Corporate for the acquisition of well researched projects which can add value to their profile.

Project Management Consultancy

  • Planning Phase
  • Tendering Phase
  • Construction Phase (Project Time Management)
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Measurements & Bill Checking
  • Materials Schedule
  • Contract Management
  • Status Reporting
  • Site Safety
  • Statutory Authority Approvals
  • Contract Management
  • Project Reporting Structure
    • Time
    • Quality
    • Cost
    • Coordination
    • Contracts
    • Safety
    • Risk Assessment

Interior Fit Out / Interior Brand Review


We have carefully chosen the panel of Architect and consultants on board to ensure that the space should be quickly operational. These domain experts are with huge experience in design and execution as per the client budget and timely completion of the project.